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August 2012

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NYC Streetstyle SoHo – Pink outfit

August 14, 2012
Shopping? Working? This colorful outfit works for both and gives you that elegant & fresh summer look. I don’t think that mixing orange and pink would have been so appropriate few years (decades?) ago but on this crazy year, every color mixing is allowed. So be it! The silhouette is also well defined and the fabrics are consciously selected. Just another perfect style to invade SoHo.
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September Issues are here!

August 10, 2012
Are you as excited as I am to discover what our favorite Fashion gurus have prepared for this upcoming Fall? September Issues are finally here and now that Vogue has revealed its cover (and incredible record-breaking number of pages: 916!), we can officially prepare for the Fall season. Some people might think as January 1st as the beginning of the year but for all respectable Fashion lovers, a fresh start begins with these September issues. With Fashion Night Out and Fashion Week around the corner, nonetheless to say that the excitation begins now!
I just finished the US Glamour one with Victoria Beckham as a guest editor. I have to admit that I loved every single page of it. Glamour is a great magazine and partnering with Mrs Beckham was a brilliant idea.
Fall is coming but Summer heat is still very here and what a better place to read than lying on one of the Hamptons beaches? Well, you know where to find me this weekend. I’ll be the girl in her neon bikini covered by the Fall upcoming trends in the sand.
Fashion, NYC Streetstyle

NYC Streetstyle Washington Sq Park – Summer Style

August 9, 2012

A romantic-hypster style to walk your dog around Washington Square Park, NYC. Pastel pink and white fit so well together, it brings you that peaceful girly look. I have no idea where she got her shoes but I love the shape of them. Even under 80°F, this girl knows how to stay fresh and stylish!


Fashion, NYC Streetstyle

Summer Style – Montauk Look

August 8, 2012
One of the advantages of living in Manhattan is that the beach is not too far away and easily accessible. For up to 3 hours of travel you can enjoy a quick summer getaway to escape the heat of the city. Whether you are with friends or family, there is no reason you won’t be able to make this summer memorable.
This family caught my eyes at the Main Town beach of Montauk. Full of sweetness, holding each other’s hands facing the ocean and ready to embrace the sea. I couldn’t help but notice the cuteness of the outfit of the daughter. Mom and daughter look fashionnable and I can imagine how this relationship with Fashion will evolve throughout the years.
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Meet me in Montauk, NY

August 7, 2012

Last weekend, I was in Montauk for the first time ever. I have been eager to go since I moved to the city. It was awesome! This place is so beautiful and calming. From the beaches to the city center to the lakes to the forest to the hills to the lighthouse… As you can understand, there are plenty things to enjoy. I heart Montauk!