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Join me on C-Space with the PetPack community!

February 25, 2022
Who remembers Harrison’s first snow in Central Park?

This is a sponsored post.

When it comes to Harrison, my love and dedication have no limit! I am constantly educating myself to make sure I can provide him a long and healthy life. If you know me, you know that talking all things Dog is an easy subject that can keep me going for hours! If this is you, please join me!

Let me introduce you to C-Space! I’ve partnered with them to raise awareness to their Pet Pack online community! Members will be discussing everything about their pets. No subject is off limit and the participants are touching on all of them from treats to toys to tips!

Of course, to become a member, you must own a pet (either a cat or dog ). By sharing your thoughts in research activities, you will earn monthly Amazon gift codes! (so handy to order more treats for your furry friend!)

To summarize on this PetPack Community:

Members in this private community share their opinions with each other about a wide range of pet related topics.

  • Discussion topics, polls and news are shared by fellow members and community facilitators.
  • Participants will receive recurring Amazon eGift cards for contributing to the community.  Spots in this community are limited.
  • All participant feedback and opinions will be kept confidential.
  • This is a unique opportunity to connect with other pet enthusiasts across the United States and directly impact a major brand’s future offerings!

You can take the qualifying survey here:

As the spots are limited for this exclusive community, join me and other pet owners today! #PetPack #sponsored

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02.22.2022, From NYC and still with Love!

February 22, 2022

02-22-2022! Writing on the blog after nearly 2 year hiatus feels like a long-time wish come true. I haven’t forgotten about this platform. In fact, I kept it safely in the back of my mind. I miss writing! I miss blogging! Remember the days where we were not all stretched out to 8,342 different apps to keep up with the world? Don’t get me wrong, I love the big picture of Social Media and use it several hours a day. And I also find excitement at learning more about YouTube and sharing more videos. But the blog; the O.G.! This is where it all started, right?

22.02.2022! Écrire sur ce blog après presque 2 ans d’absence, j’ai le sentiment de réaliser un long souhait inavoué. Je n’ai pas oublié cette plateforme. Je l’ai gardée sagement dans mes pensées. Écrire me manque! Le blog me manque! Vous souvenez-vous des jours pas si anciens, où nous n’étions pas sur 8 342 applications pour rester en contact avec le monde? Je ne vais pas être de mauvaise foi, j’aime le concept d’origine des réseaux sociaux et j’y passe plusieurs heures par jour. Je trouve aussi beaucoup de plaisir ces derniers temps à apprendre YouTube et partager des vidéos. Mais le blog, l’original, celui où tout a commencé, n’est-ce-pas?

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