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June 2012

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NYC Streetstyle – Model in SoHo

June 22, 2012

Welcome into summer! The temperatures are extremely high these days and it is almost unbearable to stay outside for too long. So, if you have to run errands (meaning shopping!), it is best to wear light clothes with as little material as possible. Like this girl for example: a see through shirts with a short short short pair of shorts. Stylish and light!


Fashion, New York, NYC Lifestyle, NYC Streetstyle

NYC Streetstyle – Perfect Romance in SoHo

June 13, 2012

I just love the romantic atmosphere of this photography. If a long dress is too much of the same pattern for you, choose a long colorful skirt and wear it with a black cropped tank-top. From the front, her outfit is already stunning but it’s from behind that I like it the most, as it reveals the pretty lace. Her hairstyle is very well-made too with a fish tail over her shoulder. Both of their looks go well together: a beautiful & chic couple.

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